Audio Mastering Charges:    DeLuxe  Album - 8 Songs 45 min Euro 360


     DeLuxe Single Song

       Euro  55


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DeLuxe Song Master

Includes Dynamic enhancement +EQ Balance +Top & Tail

+ Noise Reduction + Smoothing + Extras including Selective Instrument/Vocal Enhancement + more...

Your mix will sound full and vibrant, without apparent loss of


DeLuxe Rate is Euro 55.00 for each Song Master



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DeLuxe - Album Special Up to 8 Songs !  Max Total 45 Minutes Playing time, usually valued at Euro 440.00 Now only Euro 360  !!  
Audio-Master.EU SSL & Genelec WOW!
Audio-Master.EU We are enthusiastic about our work! We can offer deals and us :) For orders of 4 or more songs we offer value added incentives! All songs Standard via Digital Delivery. Digital CD Master post or courier by request (extra charge) Contact:
Want an amazing deal? Contact us to discuss your requirements.   All prices quoted are for a 5 day turnaround, from receipt of product. Urgent work, 2 day turnaround, from receipt of Product. Urgent work attracts a 30% price premium in addition to the quoted price.
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Deluxe Album Master 45M

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