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Audio can be submitted as WAV, BWAV, AIF & SD2 at whatever sample rate you have been mixing at and 24bit or 32bit. Best results are usually achieved from high quality resolutions. We would prefer submitted tracks to have a minimum of 3dB of headroom, so a peaklevel of -3dBfs. If your track is already maximized, heavily limited/compressed and loud then we will have very little acoustic space to work with. Some mix-buss compression/limiting is ok. Please label your tracks clearly and include the track number if part of an EP or Album. Tracks can be sent via FTP using Rapidshare. We have used Rapidshare with good results, for faster uploads and downloads register for a free rapidshare account (10Gb).
Audio Track Preparation Guide Please submit Meta-Data via our Meta-Data form  Including: (Track Names, Artist Name, Album/EP Title, ISRC's, Barcode number and Catalogue Number).   	Include Mastering Notes and some details of reference tracks as this is a good way for us to evaluate how you would like your finished Master to sound.  Please send any notes or correspondence to  hello@audio-master.eu  If your tracks are part of an EP or Album then please remember that you will also require an Album/EP Master either for Online Distribution or CD Replication.   There is a small extra charge for this so that extra time can be spent on compiling the EP or Album.   This includes song placement and adjusting time gaps, (between songs) track levels, overall consistency etc. This is an essential part of making an album flow.  We can also TAG the files ready for Online distribution with Artist Name, Track Name, Genre, Year, ISRC (note: you are responsible for providing content for this information).  Please contact us for further information on encoding and tagging charges.  Audiomaster on-line mastering Audio-Master.EU Andru in Moscow Building
Neumann U67 Tube Microphone for that Vintage sound.
Gibson Les Paul for that... Gibson Les Paul Sound!
Nagra Recorder  These Nagra Recorders are kind of cool! Shisha Zone Neumann U67 Gibson Les Paul Preparation