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At Audio-Master.EU we want to help you take your Recording Masterpiece to the next level and beyond! Our Engineers have been in the Recording Business since the 1970’s! We have been Digitally Editing and Mastering Audio since 1991. From modest beginnings in the beautiful Melbourne Seaside Suburb of Brighton (Australia). Moving to London in 1994, with a studio in Manchester. We now offer our Services Globally from our current base in Dubai (United Arab Emirates).
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Audio-Master.EU We offer you the best Audio Mastering service and product at the best price.

Free Mastering Sample !!

Our engineers will

master one of your

songs and send back a

1-2 minute preview of the

final master version at no

cost. Then you can hear

the professional sound

and sonic clarity our

engineers will bring out

in your music.

You have spent hours, weeks, perhaps years perfecting your Musical Craftsmanship, encapsulated in your Recorded Work. Why drop the ball now?

You deserve the best!

That is why you are here!
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All our Engineers have at least Master’s Degrees in Performing Arts, Recording & Sound Design, Music Technology, Acoustics...some even have a PhD ! We lecture at Universities in Audio & Acoustics. Our interests and studies include Postgraduate Research in Acoustics, Psychoacoustics and more... Our Mastering Engineers have recently been active in many locations including; Perth, Dubai, Oman, Jeddah, London, Manchester, Milan, Torino, Cannes, Nice, Lausanne, Geneva, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Cairns, Auckland, New Zealand, Moscow, Minsk, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Brunei, Kuala Lumpur...

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