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Audio Mastering Song Mixing Audio Editing Audio Post Production Music & Sound Design Backing Tracks  Mixed for Live Performance or Recording

We offer many Audio Services... Audiomaster

Currently our on-line Services include; Audio Mastering, Song Mixing, Audio Editing, Audio Post Production for Film, Music & Sound design, Backing Tracks for Live performance or Recording.

On-Line Mastering is a fixed rate for our Clients.

Each project and every song is approached with a fresh perspective...

We can give a quote for on-line mixing on a job by job basis.

Rough estimates based on;  Total length of song (minutes) x number of Tracks x per minute charge (analogue mix Euro 16.00 per minute) (digital mix Euro 12.00 per minute ) + Euro 20 set up charge. ( i.e.  4 min x 12 Tracks x Digital 12 Euro + Set up Euro 20.00 = Euro 596.00 ) Extra mixes Vocal/Instrument up and down  (Analogue Mix Euro 80.00) (Digital Mix Euro 50.00) Other possible considerations (extra charges) are; analogue mix, digital mix, mix editing, comp’ing, vocal & instrument tuning, Drum spotting, Final mix CD’s etc...

Other types of Audio Services by quotation and consultation.

Including; Audio Editing, Audio Post Production, Music & Sound Design.


Audio Mastering!

Using State of the Art Digital & Analogue Equipment.  

Song Mixing!

Using our Analogue Consoles; SSL & DDA or Digital in the Box... something for everyone

Audio Editing &

Audio Post

Using Digital & Analogue Systems.

Music & Sound Design!

Original Soundscapes & Music for Film & CD.